The Deck the Halls Tradition

Who we are

Since its inception in 2016, Columbia Residential’s Deck the Halls event has served more than 2,518 youth and more than 1040 parents, providing more than 3600 brand new toys and 1500 brand new coats and winter accessories. Traditionally, this event marked a great opportunity for our community of supporters to come together in person to continue this legacy of giving and service, However 2020 would call for a necessary shift in the program to continue this legacy in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

In order to meet the unique challenges presented by the pandemic, the event pivoted from an in-person festival to an exclusively virtual event. The Adopt a Family mechanism allowed for 100 families to receive “adoptions” from individual donors, foundations and corporations. The event was a huge success as all 100 families received adoptions just in time for the holidays.

Therefore, we are thrilled to build on last year’s success with the launch of our 6th  Annual Deck the Halls: Adopt A Family Edition. This year we have 115 families registered from Columbia properties all over the state of Georgia that are ready and waiting to be adopted by a kindhearted donor.

Why continue the Deck the Halls Tradition?

  • Every year we realize that the need is great and growing
  • Combining our collective efforts as a community allows us to impact a greater number of families
  • Maintaining a consistent tradition of giving  reinforces families’ ability to have faith in the social services partners in the community
  • The Deck the Halls events allows underserved families the same chance at a happy holiday season regardless of socioeconomic status
  • This tradition has a consistent track record of not only building a sense of community, but building confidence and instilling hope

Our Impact in the Community

Since 2016 we have served more than 2690 youth and their parents
Distributed more than 3500 brand new toys
Distributed 1500 coats and winter accessories
Partnered with 415 volunteers and event sponsors

Together we have sponsored the smiles of more than 2600 youth providing more than 3500 toys and 1500 winter accessories since the launch of the Deck the Halls campaign.



Is there a way

Is there a way I can send a card to the person(s) who adopted my children for Christmas! I just want to let them know that we are grateful and I appreciate everything they have done!

~ Dunn Family

Thank you soooo much!!

Thank you soooo much!! We are so grateful and  I can’t wait to send a video. I told them that Christmas was canceled because things are so hard right now. They don’t believe in Santa, so I can definitely say Santa believes in gifts of miracles.

~ Carter Family

I’m writing this email in tears

I’m writing this email in tears. I am overly blessed for you all. After dodging covid all year trying to protect my babies, I ended up with it. Threw a curve in our Thanksgiving and Christmas. But God watches over his kids, he sent us his angels. I want to thank every angel that played a part in making my babies Christmas. I appreciate and I’m so blessed to have been chosen. I will definitely be sending hand written letters after Christmas. I know they will be so excited on Christmas morning. THANKS THANKS THANKS

~Adopt A Family 2020 Program Participan

This program was a great

This program was a great, creative way to support families in such a tough year. I’m glad our organization could support it.

~Horizon Housing Foundation

Thank you all so much for organizing this event

Thank you all so much for organizing this event. I am THRILLED to be able to help out the family. 2020 needs as much joy spread as possible.  I have a small son so her bio touched me in a way I can’t explain. Just knew it had to be them.

~Annoymous 2020 Donor

I received my packages this morning

I received my packages this morning. My kids are going crazy not knowing what’s in them. This will make for the best Christmas surprise. Please thank my donor for me! We are so thankful

~Wright Family

Sponsoring this family brings me SO much joy

Sponsoring this family brings me SO much joy. Thank you so much. If it’s a thing next year – I’d love to adopt them again!

~ Anonymous 2020 Donor

THANKS to everyone that played a part in making their Christmas.

THANKS to everyone that played a part in making their Christmas. They were beyond happy with everything. It’s 1:39 AM and they won’t let me go to sleep. THANKS y’all were truly a blessing to my family.

~Moore Family

We were happy to contribute

We were happy to contribute to another family’s holiday celebration and look forward to participating again in the future. Love seeing the photo, too!

Chang Family (2020 Donor)

Everyone deserves a wonderful Christmas

Everyone deserves a wonderful Christmas, and we’re grateful to have been able to help.

Karamat Family (2020 Donor)